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June 08, 2010


le petit cabinet de curiosites

This bar looks so delicious


Where is the recipe for the Fruity Chocolate Bar above?


Hi, Anita. I bought one of these chocolate bars from the Jean-Charles Rochoux (www.jcrochoux.fr) boutique in Paris. So I don't have a recipe to share with you. Take care.


put strawberries in an ice cube tray, add your favorite chocolate, viola!


Thank you, Alice!

shelley tennant

Can't wait to try strawberries with the white chocolate. This is an awesome idea. Thanks for sharing


Are the Strawberries fresh or frozen, before the chocolate is spilled over them?


Instead of an ice cube tray, you can use a plastic egg container - just get large strawberries :) that'll give you less of a square shape


does anyone know if this turns out well?


Fresh, You don't want them Gooey. And then Refrigerate to set, don't freeze them.


Egg carton!...? I will try it in a foam egg carton.


I've tried this several times, none of the different ways have worked for me. :( Any advice would be awesome.


his raspberry bars are also amazing!


This is what I would try: Use a store-bought chocolate bar for the bottom. Melt more chocolate bars and dip strawberries in melted chocolate then place upside down on top of the bar. It looks like the strawberries are filled with cream cheese or maybe even white choc. I would first fill the berries and put them in the refrig. to set up, then dip.


This seems like a lot of work for chocolate covered strawberries! I just melt the chocolate dip them and put them on wax paper... So much easier and prettier. To each his own!


i made these with an egg container, it worked great


I would try putting wax paper between the strawberries & ice cube tray or try lightly spray Pam, so the chocolate doesn't stick & break or crack the chocolate

Tony Capone

You can use styrofoam and toothpicks instead of icetrays or wax paper. Just melt the chocolate, dip your strawberry and set them top side down on the toothpicks in the foam. You get the perfect coating and strawberry to chocolate ratio without odd shapes and the messy cleanup.


A silicone mold would also work great, if you're worried about the chocolate sticking to your mold and breaking when you pull it out.

Judy Bass

We have an awesome strawberry season here...can't wait to try this!!

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